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06 April, 2012

Good Friday and Good Bye

Whitby Jet chain and cross
Thank you for visiting and enjoy your jewels!

God bless you all, on this grimmest day of the year, and may all of you find the peace, rest, and joy that can only be found in Christ's love. 

05 April, 2012

Black Magic

Do you like black jewelry?  Rearranging my jewelry box revealed that a portion of it has slid into a black hole.  Black is always dramatic and grounds other, brightly colored jewels and clothing.  That's why I love Pat Flynn's work.  Made of iron, precious metals, and diamonds (sometimes pearls), it always fascinates. 

Hoop earrings, 22 kt gold and iron

Diamonds, palladium, and iron

Iron, palladium, diamonds, and 22 kt gold

04 April, 2012

The Perfect Leather Bracelet

My perfect leather bracelet died last fall.  I wore it almost every day for almost eight months, so when it's rivets and screws fell out permanently (I'd repaired it a few times too), I sorrowfully understood its need for a rest.  Since then, none of the potential replacements have measured up to the Platonic form of the leather bracelet. 

These are the best I've found so far, except a $500 Hermes bracelet that was ridiculous. 
I have to find one soon since a leather bracelet is a necessary summer accessory!
John Hardy's bracelet- but the edges aren't finished, it is black, and it has a lot of silver on it...
Turquoise, silver, and leather bracelet from Litap Silver on Etsy, but its edges aren't finished and much as I love turquoise, it can limit other jewelry.
Made by Lost Apostle- I LOVE this bracelet, but not for summer.

Not leather- gold and steel by Peg Fetter at Facere Jewelry.
None of these are quite right.  I must keep looking for a light bracelet that can go into the pool or ocean but still dress up with a diamond tennis bracelet or white jade. 

03 April, 2012

Fantasy Pieces

I've never seen anything like Belmacz'  dream scape pins before.  I should like to feel them, to turn them over to see their backs, to see how they are made.

Kurasawa, made of wood, amber, resin, sterling silver, 18kt yellow gold

Helsinger, made of moss agate, resin, wood, sterling silver, 18 kt yellow gold

02 April, 2012

The Beginning of the End

This woman's beauty thrills me. Torun Bulow-Hube's jewels are lovely, but they are footnotes to the lady.

Torun Bulow-Hube's hair comb 1st Dibs
This is the last week for "The Philosopher's Stone," at least for the foreseeable future; Friday will be its last day.  Blogging about jewelry has sucked my joy from the topic.  It unexpectedly introduced "I want" to a previously harmless hobby- and that weight is heavy.  Jewelry should lighten the heart, not weigh the soul.