Treasures for body and mind

29 November, 2012

Island Time

...trying to transition to Island Time...not measuring my self-worth by crossing things off of lists or working harder, but by creating and developing, by play and rest as well.  This is harder than it sounds. 

Pause, and hear the surf...

The Paysage d'Opale Clip evokes mellow endless summers with a 100.11 carat opal with diamonds and sapphires.  From Van Cleef's California Reverie collection- and speaking of creating and developing, look at the piece's back.  Notice the mandarin garnets surrounding the sun and the diamonds on the backs of the palm fronds?  Dude!
Both photos from Van Cleef and Arpels.

28 November, 2012

A Midsummer's Night's Dream

The youngest and I are to the theatah tonight to see A Midsummer's Night's Dream.  We're pretty excited...she is wearing a sequined sheath and devastating youthful bloom.  I would not say no to wearing one of these iconic lovelies from Van Cleef and Arpels' A Midsummer's Night's Dream collection.

Caresse d'Eole Fairy Clip

Folie de Pres Fairy Clip

Two interesting rumors are related to Van Cleef's emblematic fairies.  It's rumored that Tinkerbell inspired the first fairy back in the 40s- it's a fun story even if the dates don't quite match.  The other rumor relates to the ballerina clips that predated the fairies; their rose cut diamond faces are rumored to be from the Spanish crown jewels.  Could these fairies' faces be from the same? 

Peaseblossom aside, Shakespeare's fairies do more than decorously lounge and dance with flowers.  In their honor, the Spinel Nereide Clip from the L'Antlantide collection would be my first choice for the evening because of her wild face and nonhuman body.  (And the girl loves her gems- all women are from the same tribe.)

Spinel Nereide Clip, white diamonds, white gold, yellow sapphires, rose gold, and a 7.21 carat orange pink spinel

20 November, 2012

Mon Jasmin Noir

Mon Jasmin Noir's tag line is "The Essence of a Jeweler."  Ewwwww!  But then I saw the diamonds!  Ah...THAT jeweler...Bvlgari... One thing led to another and that led to the following movies.  The perfume provided an excuse for movies about gorgeous, glamorous, over-the-top Bvlgari jewelry.  Enjoy!

The Bvlgari lion gave the Cartier panther a run for it's money.  If you haven't seen the panther's movie, here you are...It's so easy to forget the power of these beautiful animals, but the strength in their feet gives them away.

 BTW- the perfume is fantastic! It is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

17 November, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

The Christmas carols before Halloween were excessive and irritating but many of our family Christmas traditions occur before then.  The first present is usually purchased in July, spirited home, and lost until April the next year.  The Fruitcake from Hell is made in September.  Also in September, Mom warns us that she is "not doing much for Christmas" (a gift extravaganza follows), and we have a serious family discussion about budgeting and not going overboard (as if).  Then, in October, the Victoria's Secret catalogue with the Fantasy Bra arrives! 

This year's Floral Fantasy Bra Gift Set was designed by London Jewelers and features nearly 5,200 precious gems, including amethysts, sapphires, tsavorite, rubies and white, pink and yellow diamonds, set in 18-karat rose and yellow gold.  It includes the bra and a matching belt with two removable diamond flower pins and a centerpiece that includes a 12.5-carat diamond and a 20-carat white diamond.  If the relationship is not ready for lingerie, get your significant other a $500,000 bottle of perfume, the Bombshell Fantasy Fragrance, encrusted with white, pink and yellow diamonds, sapphires, tsavorite, rubies, a 10-carat white diamond, and a hand-carved tourmaline butterfly.

Yay!  Christmas!  38 days left!