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28 November, 2012

A Midsummer's Night's Dream

The youngest and I are to the theatah tonight to see A Midsummer's Night's Dream.  We're pretty excited...she is wearing a sequined sheath and devastating youthful bloom.  I would not say no to wearing one of these iconic lovelies from Van Cleef and Arpels' A Midsummer's Night's Dream collection.

Caresse d'Eole Fairy Clip

Folie de Pres Fairy Clip

Two interesting rumors are related to Van Cleef's emblematic fairies.  It's rumored that Tinkerbell inspired the first fairy back in the 40s- it's a fun story even if the dates don't quite match.  The other rumor relates to the ballerina clips that predated the fairies; their rose cut diamond faces are rumored to be from the Spanish crown jewels.  Could these fairies' faces be from the same? 

Peaseblossom aside, Shakespeare's fairies do more than decorously lounge and dance with flowers.  In their honor, the Spinel Nereide Clip from the L'Antlantide collection would be my first choice for the evening because of her wild face and nonhuman body.  (And the girl loves her gems- all women are from the same tribe.)

Spinel Nereide Clip, white diamonds, white gold, yellow sapphires, rose gold, and a 7.21 carat orange pink spinel

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Anonymous said...

That is on my bucket list...going to see a real ballet at the theatah... :) These fairies are exquisite! Mona