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30 June, 2011

Rethinking Watches

Rankin's new collection for Swatch...

Imagine if you wore one like this:
From the blog
I have a few older watches that I cannot get rid of for sentimental reasons- I am excited to try this idea. 

29 June, 2011

Outer Banks Themed Jewelry

These are gruesomely appropriate considering the Outer Banks' history.  The Outer Banks are the Graveyard of the Atlantic where hundreds of ships crashed against hidden rocks and sank.  Sometimes deliberately lit bonfires lured ships into those rocks.  Ocracoke, near Hatteras, was Edward Teach's hide out.  Better known as Black Beard, he was a cruel, vicious pirate and close personal friend of various North Carolina governors.  These earrings are perfect for sitting around the bonfire on the beach, telling ghost stories... 
Poseidon's Feet earrings, 14kt gold filled wire, ceramic, smokey quartz, and glass from

27 June, 2011

At the Beach With Kathleen Johnson

When you read this, I shall be at Cape Hatteras, sleeping with the window open so I can hear the ocean all of the time.  Finally!  I miss that sound; when I need to calm and center myself, I remember the sound of Atlantic breakers cresting and booming. 

Perhaps Kathleen Johnson hears the same.  Her Encrusted series was inspired by the effect of the ocean on metal objects.  
Barnacle ring, silver, enamel, aquamarine, and moonstone
Encrusted peridot, silver, enamel, and peridot
Encrusted silver and enamel (?)

25 June, 2011

I See A Red Door and I Want To Paint It...Noir.

Another by Kathleen Johnson.  This ring is from her Noir collection, and is also available at  It is silver and hematite, and you can choose to have the inside of the ring polished to a high gloss.  Fabulous! 

Another great classic black collection that is NOT basic is from Lyon Fine Jewelers.  This company also lets you participate in your jewels' construction.  You may choose between silver, 14kt gold, and 18kt gold- all of which are then made solid black with rhodium.  Best of all, the price listed changes depending on which metal you choose.  That's SO considerate! And the designs are drop dead gorgeous.

La Nouvelle- Orleans in black jade and rhodium plated gold- this ring has attitude and kick-assedness to spare

3 carat black diamond ring, Beaujolais 

A visit to Lyon's site at is absolutely worth it.  

24 June, 2011

Kathleen Johnson's "Jewelry"

Kathleen Johnson, found at, makes wonderful jewels.  She also pushes boundaries to make the viewer ponder her own relationship with jewelry and her body. 

In her own words:  This body of work combines recognizable jewelry pieces with contemporary materials to create subtle body adornments to be worn directly on the skin. Jewelry castings made from prosthetic gelatin are attached to the wearer using prosthetic adhesive; the pieces are then made to look like part of the skin using prosthetic gelatin blender and rubber mask grease paints. Kathleen's pieces aim to decorate the figure in a delicate way, appearing to emerge from the skin itself; to adorn the body while emphasizing the natural beauty of the human form.

I love the photos, but the objects look too much like scars.  Edgy is one thing, but these make me wince.  They definitely emphasize the body's beauty, but marr it. 

And these are closer to adhesive tattoos than jewelry.   What do you think? 

More of Ms. Jackson's work to follow... 

23 June, 2011

U2 In Concert!!!!

Last night, my dearly beloved and I saw U2 in concert in Baltimore.  It was a wonderful spectacle-  Bono and the boys put on a show that would make Roman emperors green with envy.  The venue was huge; U2 was one of the three bands touring that could take a space that size and make it their own. 

The crowd was mostly aged 30s-50s, which could account for the lack of pot smoke.   I got a good whiff of someone doing something they shouldn't once, and it did not last long.  That was surprising; I expected a LOT of dope smoking since it was an outdoor stadium.  There was more spliff in action when Robert Plant played Constitution Hall than there was last night.  Does that mean we are all old?

Speaking of old, there was a 90 year old fan a few seats down from us who stood through the concert like the rest of us.  She rocked the black diamond vibe too- wore a black diamond tennis bracelet, a 2 carat at least black diamond ring (could have been a large, inky sapphire), and black glass dangle earrings.  I want to be her when I grow up.  My homage to the band was red nail polish and a big garnet cross, "...girl with crimson nails and Jesus 'round her neck, moving to the music..." 

Lots of politics of course.  Great that they showed photos of the crackdown on the Iranian Green movement for the song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."  It blew me away that Bishop Tutu gave a video clip for the show!  One of my friends had the privilege to escort Bishop Tutu for a day, and during that day Bishop Tutu's primary interest was my friend and his spiritual well being, not in himself or the scheduled events.  We should all be so focused on what we believe is important.  It was righteously cool that the astronauts in the Space Station made an appearance on the big screen too.         

Now- if only The Goo Goo Dolls would tour on the East Coast.  Guys, I've been waiting literally for YEARS for you to head this way!  Please come!  U2 was on the bucket list, as are YOU!  I promise I'll get a ticket (two tickets) if you'll head this way!

(BTW- the other two bands that could fill that space would be Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones.  They can come on back too!)          

22 June, 2011

Trend alert- updates for your jewelry box.

These are the trends that I see people wearing...

Stud earrings- do these reflect the difficult economic times?  The high price of gold and other precious metals?  No matter the reason, there are fantastic stud earrings out there now.
Pippo Perez in black diamonds and 18kt white gold

Birch bark at

Rock crystal at CoutuKitsch
Crystals- again, are these a reflection of difficult economic times?  Crystals give a mighty rock shock for much less than precious stones.  Agate, a cryptocrystaline form of quartz, is very popular now sliced and dyed.
Crystal ring by xVelvetx at
Toosis earrings in amethyst, sterling silver, and gold at
Agate from
Line bracelets- also known as tennis bracelets- with larger stones...more of them on the red carpet, worn simply.  Check out this beauty, designed by Angelia you think the increased security in Columbia has resulted in more fine emeralds showing up in jewels?
Ms. Jolie's jewelry does NOT sell on Etsy.

21 June, 2011

A Big Shout Out

Great minds must think alike because Wendy Brandes posted about the high prices of gold on Monday, 20 June, too.  Her commentary had fewer brickbats for our elected officials- it also eruditely explains why you should buy her fabulous jewels at their old prices opposed to newer prices reflecting current gold prices...check it out at
The Queen Min ring, named for the Korean queen who was assassinated by the Japanese

20 June, 2011

To The Barricades!

If you can't afford the wedding ring you wanted or if the earrings at which you looked last month have jumped another $100, blast off a nasty-gram to your Congressmen.  The blustering and posturing in DC has lessened the global market's confidence in the US dollar, contributing to the high cost of gold.  Our elected representatives must extend the debt ceiling and start seriously cutting the national debt- their sound and fury doing nothing is also resulting in jewelers going out of business.  Tell them to get to work!
For inspiration, take a look at this pretty gold and pearl Victorian necklace from 1st Dibs.  It has a modern sensibility but look at that workmanship!  Look at that gold!

16 June, 2011

Woold You or Wool-dn't You?

How do you feel about felt jewelry?  Would you wear it?  How about this felt ring?
Wool felt lotus ring, sewn, by Pennys by Kristie at

It's colors are like sunrise. 

13 June, 2011

Summer VI

It's miserably hot- jewelry should not require effort to dress up to it and should not make you sweat.  On go strings of beads and dangling earrings, anklets and jingling ethnic things that effortlessly accentuate gauzy dresses and flip flops, and the next thing you know, you're channeling Stevie Nicks!  Fortunately she's gorgeous and has a great sense of style.       

These might help you spin ethereally in gauze:
12 precious stone, 10 kt gold ring by Hot Rox Bones and Stones at
18 kt and silk earrings by Caroline Bucci on; these could be a DIY.
Did you see Sid and Nancy?  Remember the scene where Nancy sees her reflection and stops fighting with Sid?  She tears her clothes off in the street, screaming, "I look like Stevie Nicks!"  A classic.  If you are a nihilistic punk rocker, don't buy these jewels.  

That's it for the summer jewelry series.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Send photos of you in your summer jewels on your summer vacation, and I'll post them!  Remember to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water!

12 June, 2011

This Sunday

Today is Pentecost, celebrating when the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples and manifested himself among us.  It's a perfect day for these earrings.

These are itsy-bitsy flame earrings in red coral and 18 kt gold, by Annette Ferdinandsen- just the thing to wear when receiving the Holy Spirit.  But then, ANYTHING is appropriate when receiving the Holy Spirit, from your bathrobe to your riding leathers. 

BTW- a flame symbolizes the Holy Spirit in Christian art.

10 June, 2011

Summer V

Can't you hear the surf and smell the tanning lotion? 

Lilly Hoops from 
Perhaps more than other jewels, summer jewelry informs and reflects our daydreams...dreams of sun, sand, relaxation, and new destinations.  I would wear these earrings in the summer and dream about them in the winter.  Wood is an ideal medium for summer jewelry!     

08 June, 2011

Wrap It All Up; I'll Take It With Me

When this site popped onto my screen, I immediately threw my visa card as far away from me as I could.  Since then, I've been sobbing with frustration and longing, knowing I cannot purchase everything that I want, need, and lust after at Pebble London (  Let me share my wish list:
Turquoise and howlite necklace

Leather bracelet

Five strand, 40 inch, red coral necklace begging me to buy it

Black coral necklace, double strands of crown-of-thorns-spiky-goodness

Rock crystal bangle bracelet

Wood bangle bracelet
Another reason why Pebble London rocks is that they appear to label their products honestly.  They have a beautiful, faceted fluorite necklace that some other companies would sell as amethyst- but they call it what it is.  Ditto their howlite and turquoise items; they could have sold them all as turquoise, but do not. 

I'm off to get a flashlight to look for my visa card.  I NEED more coral in my being summer and all.  Come to think of it, imagine what these would look like mixed and matched with each other!   

06 June, 2011

Summer Jewelry IV you wear seashell jewelry any other season? 

Ring carved from a fig cone at Elizabelle,

Hatteras Shell Ring, 18k gold, from Favre Bijoux, at 

Glass seashell earrings made of sterling silver, glass, crystal beads, and shell from Glass River Jewelry at 

Shell flower necklace of mother of pearl, pearls, and silver tone metal from Pebble London, at

Something makes me think this one could be worn in the winter.  Could it be its size? 
Necklace of copper, driftwood, ribbon, and shell from The Beachhouse Gallery at  

03 June, 2011

Hard Candy

I want to put this in my mouth.
A 22k gold bracelet, designed by Carolyn Tyler, featuring carved pink tourmalines, garnets and amethysts in assorted shapes of hearts, leaves and flowers is available on

Looks like boiled sweets...

01 June, 2011

Summer Jewelry III

Hot hot hot- that's coral for ya!  It's perfect with a tanned glow and summery clothing- neutrals or gauzy, sheer cottons.  Coral can be delicate pink, white, black, or gold, but red coral- oxblood coral- is summer specific.    
A Kind of Fine oxblood coral beads, silver, and 18 karat gold bracelet/necklace, 

Kara Ross coral, silver, and 18 karat gold earrings,
And you can mix your turquoise and coral for total summer sizzle!  If I owned this necklace, it would not leave my neck from June until the end of August. 

Coral, turquoise, and silver from
Late addition:  More coral today on Jewel Snob!