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08 June, 2011

Wrap It All Up; I'll Take It With Me

When this site popped onto my screen, I immediately threw my visa card as far away from me as I could.  Since then, I've been sobbing with frustration and longing, knowing I cannot purchase everything that I want, need, and lust after at Pebble London (  Let me share my wish list:
Turquoise and howlite necklace

Leather bracelet

Five strand, 40 inch, red coral necklace begging me to buy it

Black coral necklace, double strands of crown-of-thorns-spiky-goodness

Rock crystal bangle bracelet

Wood bangle bracelet
Another reason why Pebble London rocks is that they appear to label their products honestly.  They have a beautiful, faceted fluorite necklace that some other companies would sell as amethyst- but they call it what it is.  Ditto their howlite and turquoise items; they could have sold them all as turquoise, but do not. 

I'm off to get a flashlight to look for my visa card.  I NEED more coral in my being summer and all.  Come to think of it, imagine what these would look like mixed and matched with each other!   

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