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25 June, 2011

I See A Red Door and I Want To Paint It...Noir.

Another by Kathleen Johnson.  This ring is from her Noir collection, and is also available at  It is silver and hematite, and you can choose to have the inside of the ring polished to a high gloss.  Fabulous! 

Another great classic black collection that is NOT basic is from Lyon Fine Jewelers.  This company also lets you participate in your jewels' construction.  You may choose between silver, 14kt gold, and 18kt gold- all of which are then made solid black with rhodium.  Best of all, the price listed changes depending on which metal you choose.  That's SO considerate! And the designs are drop dead gorgeous.

La Nouvelle- Orleans in black jade and rhodium plated gold- this ring has attitude and kick-assedness to spare

3 carat black diamond ring, Beaujolais 

A visit to Lyon's site at is absolutely worth it.  

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Love these! Mona