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23 June, 2011

U2 In Concert!!!!

Last night, my dearly beloved and I saw U2 in concert in Baltimore.  It was a wonderful spectacle-  Bono and the boys put on a show that would make Roman emperors green with envy.  The venue was huge; U2 was one of the three bands touring that could take a space that size and make it their own. 

The crowd was mostly aged 30s-50s, which could account for the lack of pot smoke.   I got a good whiff of someone doing something they shouldn't once, and it did not last long.  That was surprising; I expected a LOT of dope smoking since it was an outdoor stadium.  There was more spliff in action when Robert Plant played Constitution Hall than there was last night.  Does that mean we are all old?

Speaking of old, there was a 90 year old fan a few seats down from us who stood through the concert like the rest of us.  She rocked the black diamond vibe too- wore a black diamond tennis bracelet, a 2 carat at least black diamond ring (could have been a large, inky sapphire), and black glass dangle earrings.  I want to be her when I grow up.  My homage to the band was red nail polish and a big garnet cross, "...girl with crimson nails and Jesus 'round her neck, moving to the music..." 

Lots of politics of course.  Great that they showed photos of the crackdown on the Iranian Green movement for the song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."  It blew me away that Bishop Tutu gave a video clip for the show!  One of my friends had the privilege to escort Bishop Tutu for a day, and during that day Bishop Tutu's primary interest was my friend and his spiritual well being, not in himself or the scheduled events.  We should all be so focused on what we believe is important.  It was righteously cool that the astronauts in the Space Station made an appearance on the big screen too.         

Now- if only The Goo Goo Dolls would tour on the East Coast.  Guys, I've been waiting literally for YEARS for you to head this way!  Please come!  U2 was on the bucket list, as are YOU!  I promise I'll get a ticket (two tickets) if you'll head this way!

(BTW- the other two bands that could fill that space would be Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones.  They can come on back too!)          

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