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30 March, 2012


This art deco cross is almost 100 years old but is more contemporary than many pieces being made now.  THAT'S a classic! Available at Lang Antiques.

29 March, 2012

A New Classic

These simple earrings by Vincente Agor go with anything, any time!  That graceful sweep can accentuate every jawline- it's water and sunshine, leaves and wind, modern and timeless all at once. 

Available at Broken English.  

27 March, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

Andrea Lieberman Collette Flower Earrings, 18 kt gold, diamond, and opals at Broken English.

The weather knocked down the cherry blossoms this weekend; we were to canoe by them but were rained out.  This spring, I saw the blossoms mostly by night.  Fortunately, cherry blossoms glow from within as if they are calling to the moon.  These earrings preserve the blossoms' beauty, glow, and elegance past their too short week of spring.   

Could I die
Under the blossoms
In the second month
Under the full moon?
                                                    Saigyou (1118- 1190)

Last year's April blooms.

26 March, 2012

A Positive Sign

Hand-In-Hand Friendship Bracelet
How delightful that Kate Spade is purchasing its line The Royal Bazaar from Turquoise Mountain, an NGO facilitating training and marketing for Afghan jewelers.   More encouraging is that Kate Spade's friendship bracelets are simply "made in Afghanistan."   Afghanistan's inability to produce for the global market is a major handicap to its recovery and growth; to see a sign of legitimate capital flowing through businesses beyond boutique NGOs is hopeful. 

Emerald Royal Bazaar Earrings
Initially it seems odd that Afghan women do not value jewelry with precious stones-  Afghanistan has so much mineral wealth.  They want 22kt to 24 kt gold, ideally imported into Afghanistan.  Gold from outside of the country is more trustworthy, and it is easier to convert into cash in an emergency.!   

23 March, 2012

Hanging On...

Art Deco cross pendant, platinum and a gazillion carats of rose and old mine cut diamonds, Lang Antiques
Have a fantastic weekend!

16 March, 2012

Plukka Is So Good, It Is Bad

After a rough day, I almost weakened!  Plukka is making some lovely, lovely things for fantastic prices, for a number of which I sigh and say, "Later."  Then I found this.

Coptic Ring- rhodium, 18 kt gold, grey diamonds

Tough, subtle, and ancient looking- I caught my breath and had to catch it again.  Nope, nope, nope- not this time of year, and the bidding is over on the 15th.  Siiigh. "Later!"

And look that this one:
Silver and rhodium Bullet Ring
 Bidding starts on 2 April for less than $200.  Plukka!

BTW:  Plukka has a number of conventionally pretty, very stylish pieces.  The site features  many different styles.

15 March, 2012


The jewelry line Tutaonana references Karen Rothwell's travels through Africa, especially her emotional response to the Masais' jewels.  This gorgeous bracelet, The Salient Tribal Cuff, is made of silver and copper mokume gane, patinaed and textured. It is available on the dangerous Not Just A Label. 

That's definitely not your usual mokume gane!  What do you think?

14 March, 2012

Deja Thoris of Mars

Go see John Carter of Mars for entertainment and gorgeous jewelry.  It is a rollicking, fun ride, devoid of cycnicsm, irony, or pointless distruction.  I took eight kids, from 18 to 8, and four grown-ups, and we enjoyed ourselves and left feeling better than when we arrived.  

Two of the aesthetes in our group swooned over the sets and the decor while I slobbered over the jewelry.  John Carter wears great armbands that add to his overall studliness, and Dejah Thoris wears what you would expect a sword-slinging, genius, badass, princess of Mars to wear.  Her cuffs are to die for, her wedding tiara a rainfall of jewels, and her necklaces are elaborate and wearable.
Necklace and cuffs... 

Loving that upper arm thong and ornate silver plaque!  Could that be worn in the real world? 

Not just her jewelry- look at his pin!

Close up on display at Disney World

Even the green, four armed Tharks had great stuff!

13 March, 2012

White Knight, Black Knight

White knight earpieces made of white unicorn mane and gold plated bronze.  Available at Bjorg; she has some fun films on the site too.

12 March, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Art Deco horn and 10 kt gold, 
These earrings are horn with pique gold stars- unusual both in their execution and in their materials.  Can you believe they are 100 years old?  Their sunniness is perfect as spring SPRINGS about us! 

09 March, 2012

Assad Mounser

The Starman Collar Necklace, from Assad Mounser's 2012 collection "representing a new day of promise and awakening." 

Available at Charm and Chain.
The sacrifice is made, death is defeated, and we are made free!

The artist herself- lovely.

08 March, 2012


Ladies, buy your own jewelry.  Your wonderful man is (most likely) completely at a loss as to why you like some jewelry better than others, even if you explain it to him.  Let him off of the hook; don't expect him to fill your jewelry box for you.  Be grateful for what he gives you, but buy what you love for yourself.
18 kt earrings at Reef Jewellery
Case in point: in April, these little fellas will be my present to myself when I finish a huge, life-sucking project at work.  Aren't they adorable?  A tiny treat, they will make me smile.   My wonderful man does not get the octopus thing, but he'll be happy that I am happy.

07 March, 2012

Playing Dress Up

What would you wear with Dannijo's Drew necklace?
Available at Dannijo
Would you wear this bracelet by Alexis Bittar?
O'Keefe Matte Gold Feather Cuff, Lucite and crystals, at Alexis Bittar
Or this one by Shaun Leane?
Red Topaz Ebony Bangle, silver, red topaz, and resin at Shaun Leane.
Why not both?  And a few gold bangles!

06 March, 2012

A Mermaid's Ring

The Philosopher's Stone featured Ms. Kathleen Johnson's work, to include her Barnacle Ring, on 27 June 2011.  Shortly thereafter, The Barnacle Ring became my obsession.   Eventually, Ms. Johnson made one for me.  She was wonderful: sending sketches of potential rings; adding a diamond; making suggestions; being sooo patient.  (Ms. Johnson is in England, so my ring had to go the Assay Office to be stamped before enameling, an unexpected bonus for a medieval maven like me).  The result was this wonderful ring!
The sun sucked all of the life out of the off-center barnacle's diamond and most of the color from the jelli-licious aquamarine on the top.  Usually, the diamond glimmers like a star on the water.

The moonstone, with a wee barnacle, grows underneath my finger. 

That's not tarnish on the back; it's enameling!  The whole ring is enamelled.  (Yes, the emu egg makes a cameo appearance.) 

My mom raised her eyebrows when she saw it.  A lady at work said, "I'm glad you like it, but it's not one of my favorites."  But my heart sings when I put it on- it is exactly what a mermaid would wear, tarnished by salt, encrusted with sea creatures, formed by a culture without the science of fire and metal.  Thank you, Ms. Johnson for a dream's beautiful memento. 

This ring's one drawback is that it is so unique that no other rings look right worn with it.  I may have to get another one or two of the Encrusted series, just to keep it company.

05 March, 2012

What Do You See?

What do you see when you look at this startling brooch by Ray Lipovsky and Eve Llyndorah? 

"Birth of a Butterfly" on

"Brooch" is as restful as the other one is full of activity.  It is by the same artists. 

"Brooch" on


02 March, 2012

What Would You Do- 2nd Lenten Friday

Verdura hinged cuffs in mammoth ivory and black jade- siiiiigh
Doctrinally, for Anglicans, Sundays are not part of Lent because every Sunday is a celebration of the Resurrection.  Historically, it makes practical sense- during Lent, there was a lot of self-denial during the week.  There had to be a day to eat normally and replenish.  

So now, when few of us practice exhausting self denial, would you relax your Lenten discipline on Sunday?  If it's a resurrection of a New Year's Resolution, then perhaps it makes sense to do so. But if you "fast" to be closer to the Lord, breaking your "fast" on Sunday could be counterproductive.  The beauty of these questions is that the right answer depends on you- not someone else's opinion of what is right for you!     

I daydream about what sparkles, unworn, in my jewelry box.  I think the most about the items I wear the least.  (That does not make any all.)    

BTW- needing prayers!  For humor and balance...Thanks!