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14 March, 2012

Deja Thoris of Mars

Go see John Carter of Mars for entertainment and gorgeous jewelry.  It is a rollicking, fun ride, devoid of cycnicsm, irony, or pointless distruction.  I took eight kids, from 18 to 8, and four grown-ups, and we enjoyed ourselves and left feeling better than when we arrived.  

Two of the aesthetes in our group swooned over the sets and the decor while I slobbered over the jewelry.  John Carter wears great armbands that add to his overall studliness, and Dejah Thoris wears what you would expect a sword-slinging, genius, badass, princess of Mars to wear.  Her cuffs are to die for, her wedding tiara a rainfall of jewels, and her necklaces are elaborate and wearable.
Necklace and cuffs... 

Loving that upper arm thong and ornate silver plaque!  Could that be worn in the real world? 

Not just her jewelry- look at his pin!

Close up on display at Disney World

Even the green, four armed Tharks had great stuff!

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