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16 March, 2012

Plukka Is So Good, It Is Bad

After a rough day, I almost weakened!  Plukka is making some lovely, lovely things for fantastic prices, for a number of which I sigh and say, "Later."  Then I found this.

Coptic Ring- rhodium, 18 kt gold, grey diamonds

Tough, subtle, and ancient looking- I caught my breath and had to catch it again.  Nope, nope, nope- not this time of year, and the bidding is over on the 15th.  Siiigh. "Later!"

And look that this one:
Silver and rhodium Bullet Ring
 Bidding starts on 2 April for less than $200.  Plukka!

BTW:  Plukka has a number of conventionally pretty, very stylish pieces.  The site features  many different styles.

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