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26 March, 2012

A Positive Sign

Hand-In-Hand Friendship Bracelet
How delightful that Kate Spade is purchasing its line The Royal Bazaar from Turquoise Mountain, an NGO facilitating training and marketing for Afghan jewelers.   More encouraging is that Kate Spade's friendship bracelets are simply "made in Afghanistan."   Afghanistan's inability to produce for the global market is a major handicap to its recovery and growth; to see a sign of legitimate capital flowing through businesses beyond boutique NGOs is hopeful. 

Emerald Royal Bazaar Earrings
Initially it seems odd that Afghan women do not value jewelry with precious stones-  Afghanistan has so much mineral wealth.  They want 22kt to 24 kt gold, ideally imported into Afghanistan.  Gold from outside of the country is more trustworthy, and it is easier to convert into cash in an emergency.!   

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