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22 June, 2011

Trend alert- updates for your jewelry box.

These are the trends that I see people wearing...

Stud earrings- do these reflect the difficult economic times?  The high price of gold and other precious metals?  No matter the reason, there are fantastic stud earrings out there now.
Pippo Perez in black diamonds and 18kt white gold

Birch bark at

Rock crystal at CoutuKitsch
Crystals- again, are these a reflection of difficult economic times?  Crystals give a mighty rock shock for much less than precious stones.  Agate, a cryptocrystaline form of quartz, is very popular now sliced and dyed.
Crystal ring by xVelvetx at
Toosis earrings in amethyst, sterling silver, and gold at
Agate from
Line bracelets- also known as tennis bracelets- with larger stones...more of them on the red carpet, worn simply.  Check out this beauty, designed by Angelia you think the increased security in Columbia has resulted in more fine emeralds showing up in jewels?
Ms. Jolie's jewelry does NOT sell on Etsy.

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Joanne Teichman said...

Thanks for visiting our site. Our collection of stud earrings are so chic, and we love the Pippo Perez pair you picked in black diamonds! Thanks again, Joanne, Ylang 23