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04 April, 2012

The Perfect Leather Bracelet

My perfect leather bracelet died last fall.  I wore it almost every day for almost eight months, so when it's rivets and screws fell out permanently (I'd repaired it a few times too), I sorrowfully understood its need for a rest.  Since then, none of the potential replacements have measured up to the Platonic form of the leather bracelet. 

These are the best I've found so far, except a $500 Hermes bracelet that was ridiculous. 
I have to find one soon since a leather bracelet is a necessary summer accessory!
John Hardy's bracelet- but the edges aren't finished, it is black, and it has a lot of silver on it...
Turquoise, silver, and leather bracelet from Litap Silver on Etsy, but its edges aren't finished and much as I love turquoise, it can limit other jewelry.
Made by Lost Apostle- I LOVE this bracelet, but not for summer.

Not leather- gold and steel by Peg Fetter at Facere Jewelry.
None of these are quite right.  I must keep looking for a light bracelet that can go into the pool or ocean but still dress up with a diamond tennis bracelet or white jade. 

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