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31 July, 2012

The Latest Bond Girl Really Sparkles

This non-jewelry cartoon references the video opening the Olympics that included James Bond, the Queen of England, and her adorable corgis.  ("Adorable corgis" is redundant.) What other Bond Girl would have corgis?  They are instantly recognizable as part of Elizabeth II's particular style.

Queen Elizabeth also has a particular style when it comes to her jewels.  With her options including an untold numbers of jewels, the Queen maintains a predictable bling routine- earrings (usually big pearls), a necklace, and a brooch, almost always from her personal jewels.  

Queen Elizabeth can choose between her personal jewels or the crown jewels, which do not belong to the woman but the ruler of England and are only worn for affairs of state. She has great-grandmama Victoria to thank for that division.

The division is not as neat as it sounds.  The diamond brooch she wore during her Jubilee this year is two diamonds, the Cullinan III and Cullinan IV.  These were cut from the Cullinan Diamond in 1905 after it was given as a birthday present to the King of England.  Queen Mary frequently wore pieces of it, to include the III and IV included it in her crown; Queen Elizabeth calls the III and IV "Granny's chips."  Are "Granny's chips" crown jewels or personal?

The basket pin, worn recently as she greeted Olympic athletes, was a present from her parents after the birth of Prince Charles.  That's easily personal, as is the three strand pearl necklace that she often wears.  It was a present from King George V. 

Loving the art deco aquamarines she wore at another appearance during her Jubilee.  If anyone knows the provenance of the other pins in these photos, please drop a note.   

Notice how her hats and pins inform and accentuate each other?   Anything more would be too much for daytime.  Night time and formal state events require another variation on earrings, a necklace, a pin, and a hat.

I've missed blogging- there are so many fun things out there that need to be shared with fellow enthusiasts!  It steals the joy a little when you show your significant other or your kids something really cool and their eyes glaze over.  This time, I'll post more infrequently so I don't lose my excitement.  I'm grateful for the sabbatical, and I am glad to be back!  Let's look at some jools!

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