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16 August, 2012

The Ear Vine by Alex Simkin

Please don't hold the waxy model against these really pretty earrings.  

These were a surprise at the last gem and jewelry show.  We spent an hour at the booth, trying on earrings and matching sizes and styles to our ears.  These are totally different from any other earrings I have worn- they have to be fitted to your ear and you, the wearer, have to learn how to put them in.  Mine are completely comfortable except that when one brushes against my hair, my first impulse is to swat it off because I think it is a bug.  Each earring is one piece, almost like a bobby pin, that slides up the front and back of your ear, gently pinching it between the bent metal.   

The lady in the instructional video makes it look easy.  Initially, all of the hand motions are totally backwards to what you want to do.  Ear Designs by Alex Simkin

The ones we picked were pretty, subtle, and fun.

Mine are like this but with amethyst.
I got these for my mom.

My youngest got these in blue glass and my eldest got them in opal.
They have more dramatic offerings, too, with cuffs that fit over the top of the ear (not pictured), combined with these decorations from the top, down the side both in and out of the external ear fold, along and beneath the lobe. 

Worn by a person, not an android, the long gold wire is hidden.

I tried to rock the totally bejewelled ear, but I was too self conscious.  I felt like this:
Not the goal...

But I love the smaller ear vines.  Give them a try!

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