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03 December, 2012

Going to Atlanta Soon?

For the first time, Titanic, The Artifact Exhibition, is exhibiting jewelry found on the Titanic.  The exhibition runs in Atlanta for two months from November 2012 and is located at Atlantic Station Exhibition Center, 265 18th St., Atlanta, GA.  After the show finishes in Atlanta, it will move to Orlando, FL, and Las Vegas, NV.

Watch these clips and try not to be moved.  Human skin once warmed these personal, precious objects.  Perhaps those who wore them loved their sparkle and were emotionally invested in them.  No other recovered artifact could more forcibly direct the viewer toward the person behind the item. 

It is an odd collection for a purser to stuff into a bag, a collection of mostly smaller Victorian and Edwardian items, some better made than others.  It seems that if it was the contents of a safe, there would be more and of larger/better quality- considering the passengers of the Titanic.  What is the story of the person who packed the bag?  Did he grab the most important papers and other items and as an afterthought grab a few jewels as an act of charity during crisis?  Did he opportunistically grab a few peices he thought no one would miss?  Let us think well of the dead.

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