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03 January, 2013

Trollin' With The Ring of Gyges

Internet trolls- who could have predicted their ubiquity?  Funny enough, Plato did in a parable about a shepherd who found a magic ring that made him invisible.

Corrupted by the power of The Ring of Gyges, the shepherd seduced a queen, killed a king, and became a cruel tyrant.  On the Internet, invisibility is not absolute power, but anonymity corrupts Segwaygrl and Obamasuks to release their inner trolls.  If only there was some physical identification, like a ring, to alert others as to whom trolls are when they are not on line.   

Theo Fennell Henry V Ring at   18 kt gold, 0.08ct Ruby, 0.04ct Sapphire, 0.13ct Tsavorite, 0.02 ct Diamond
I was going to recommend this ring as The Ring of Gyges, but it is way too cool for such losers.

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