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07 March, 2013

Herpetological Beauties

Let us pause for a moment and appreciate green...
Tadema Gallery
As in green with envy...since I found this lovely serpent yesterday, some lucky someone has reserved it.  Isn't it one of the prettiest snake rings you have ever seen?  Paul Briancon made it of gold, diamonds, enamel, and emerald.  Tadema's listing says, "A Wonderful Serpent Ring embodying a very long cultural history of the snake in relation to danger, sexuality & eternity. The Serpent & Paradise, Minoan priestesses & Belle Epoque decadence. One can see why the Serpent was so beloved by Lalique & the Symbolists."  Indeed.

But since we are on the subject, there are two other lovely snake-related pieces I collected for your viewing pleasure as well. 
This gorgeous piece was auctioned by Sotheby's recently.  Made of turquoise, pearl, gold, and rubies, some lucky feme fatale scandalized and tittilated society by flaunting this around her ivory neck at the turn of the 1900s.  Can you imagine getting your Cleopatra on to go to a ball in this? 

Lastly, there is this brooch.  It would be the perfect piece for tea with people whom you find poisonous.

1st Dibs 
Another Tadema beauty, this is fine peridot, gold, diamond, and pearl made by Rothmuller at the turn of the 1900s.  Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. 

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