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15 April, 2013

Prayers for Boston

A horrific bombing in Boston....please pray for the victims and their families, as well as in gratitude for the heroism and assistance of those who rendered aid to strangers in crisis.

95% of the people in this world are wonderful, but 5% do a lot of damage.  Let's not let them make the world over in their image.  Let's fight back against hate and death with compassion and consideration.
Please, this week, do something dramatic or extravagant for life and beauty to support Boston and to tell the 5% they won't win.  If you wish, post what you've chosen to do here to inspire others. 

Lord Jesus, we are made in your image, and as such are all precious.  We ask for healing hands and  obedience to assist in your plans for making good from the evil in Boston.  We know you are with the victims and families; may they feel your presence personally and draw peace and strength from it.  Amen 

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