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15 January, 2012

Just Prettiness...

Sometimes something just strikes the right cord, like these aquamarine, tourmaline, labradorite, and moonstone earrings by Nak Armstrong, available at  I must be on a pastels kick. Sigh...
If you prefer something more historically shaped, Nak Armstrong made this pair of moonstone, aquamarine, tourmaline, labradorite, and onyx.  These remind me of African masks.

Has anyone else noticed how often photos of "pairs" of earrings are really photos of only one earring copied to look like two?  Why is that?  Especially because these photos are supposed to convince us to buy these items?  The suspicious part of me (the one that knows firsthand that there are unscrupulous people lurking in the jewelry industry) wonders, "What's wrong with the other one?'

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