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28 January, 2012

Musing on Jewelry and Emus

These are Eniko Design's ammolite earrings; I wrote about them in December, gloating that I was getting them for Christmas.  They change colors like butterfly wings or parrot feathers, organic, mineral magic- or miracle.
I had the gold and lapis necklace made with three ropes of large lapis beads of different sizes and shapes, tiered like Jackie O's pearls.  It's great for a strong burst of color since nothing beats lapis for color.  Any suggestions for the seven (heavy) left over beads?  

The green emu egg looks like a dinosaur egg, so it seems appropriate for fossil earrings. It fed our family of four as an apple souffle at breakfast and then as a quiche for dinner, about four total cups of beaten egg.

When you are eye to eye with an emu, the lizard part of your brain knows that you've encountered a dinosaur.  Watch out for your jewelry- emus snatch at shiny things to eat them.  When an emu grabbed my keys, the only reason it did not swallow them was because the wallet to which they were attached was too big to fit down its throat.     

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