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03 February, 2012

Whew- what a week!

I've started a new job- a job that a friend of mine refers to as "a bobsled to hell."  It's all consuming at this point, so my blogging has been sporadic- I'm sorry.  

While the job is a lot of fun and I learn more every day, the pressure will turn me into a diamond before I'm done.  During the day, I return to my happy place where gold, glorious gold, soothes and relaxes me.  
Bison ring by Whitney Abrams

Pearl, diamond, and gold earrings by Whitney Abrams- are these waiting for me?

Victorian agate and 9 kt rose gold earrings on 1stDibs

 Thank God I don't have time for retail therapy!  I'd put us in the poor house!


Anonymous said...

New job? Still in DC? I look at Bidz every so often, but finally looked at Etsy the other day. Can you recommend any spot in particular? Mona

Still a white gold/sterling silver fan and platinum wisher!

oxinsocks said...

Still in DC, now in the 'Gon. With Etsy, start with a "search all" for "white gold ring" or "white gold bracelet." You'll be surprised at what you find.