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23 February, 2012

Gates and Bunnies

Mimi So's pink sapphire slice and 18 karat gold Gate B9 earrings can be purchased at Betteridge.
Mimi So's Gate B9 collection was inspired by an extended layover at the Milan airport where she "felt bound to the space, particularly to Gate B9."  Her restlessness inspired her to sketch edgy shapes (probably to keep from slugging someone or crying) which developed into her Gate B9 collection.  

At extended layovers, I feel edgy and bound to the gate too...before long it feels like this. 

Rodin's Gates of Hell
When faced with first-world madness like extended layovers, I think about the ocean,  jewelry, and/or bunnies.  Yes, bunnies.  Bunnies are adorable.  Funny enough, Mimi So carved opals into bunnies, matched them with precious stones, and made adorable, exquisite rings. 

Available at Betteridge.  And look, he has Mimi So flowers...
Can you feel your blood pressure dropping?  Ahhhhhhhhh...

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