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22 February, 2013

Black Friday- Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...I love Astley Clarke's Lucky Cat Friendship Bracelet...Wouldn't he be perfect for a Friday the 13th? 

Black rhodium friendship bracelet in 18 karat yellow gold vermeil on sterling silver with a black rhodium cat attached to the black rhodium faceted bead and gold vermeil double bracelet

He would also be perfect with any of Astley Clarke's 18 kt vermeil on sterling silver and enamel bracelets.
I LOVE how all of these colors come together- and still include black.  They definitely would elevate any stack to which they were added.  I think I would get a purple, red, or orange just because my wardrobe is desperately in need of a jolt- and because it would set off my turquoise.  Maybe even sunshine yellow...How about you?
Both of these, and many other fun, yummy things you cannot live without, are on Astley Clarke.
**This style of bracelet looks like a DIY begging to be made.  You could have one to match your favorite nail polish.  

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