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06 February, 2013

Rihanna's Choices

There are a few celebrities that have jewelry collections through which I would like to prowl- Jolie, Paltro, Kidman, and Rihanna. Of these ladies, Rihanna's collection stands out because it resembles what most of us have- just bigger or by a designer.  I am still wowed and inspired by her 2012 Grammy jewels. 
Her gold was a refreshing change from huge jewels that looked borrowed for the occasion- not that there is anything wrong with that.  Most of us would never see the jaw droppers unless the stars borrowed them for big events, but Rihanna looked comfortable and gorgeous in her Neil Lane rings and bracelets and Jacquie Aiche body chains.  The look was cool and unconventional- and any of the pieces could be worn any day with anything else.  That's inspirational.

Not so inspirational is the current commentary about Rihanna's decision to return to Chris Brown.  God bless her, many women do the same thing for the same reasons she gives in her Rolling Stone interview.  It's a bad decision- she probably knows it.  Battered women often feel ashamed and blame them selves for their situation.  Asking, "Why is she going back to him?" will make it harder for her to leave if she should.   Focusing on her choices opposed to asking Chris Brown if he is capable of a relationship without violence comes dangerously close to accepting his violent behavior and blaming the victim. 

I hope that Chris Brown has changed his ways and that they are happy together.  And she is safe.  If not, I hope she packs her jewels and splits as soon as she catches herself thinking, "I'm a strong woman.  I can handle this." 



Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. I do know how someone can change, though I didn't have to deal with violence, so I pray that she walks forward slowly and with open eyes...she does have lovely jewels! Mona

oxinsocks said...

Mona, You and yours are a shining example of hope- and a cautionary tale of how a bad choice can ripple through lives for years even though counteracted with forgiveness and healing.