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12 September, 2011

Adorable AND Historical

These will make you say, "Awwwwwww."

Giardinetti rings, more prosaically called "flower pot rings" on our side of the pond, were made to look like little pots or baskets of flowers or little ribbon-gathered bouquets.  They were seriously adorable in the 1700s, and they still are!

Photo from Three Graces,, ring from approx. 1750 of gold, silver, diamond, ruby, garnet, and spinel

Photo from Victoria and Albert Museum, rings from 1734- 1766 in gold, silver, ruby, diamond, and paste

Photo from, ring from 1770 of gold, silver, diamond, pearl, and enamel- the ring symbolized happiness (flowers) and prosperity (barley)

BTW- they are really rare. 

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