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04 September, 2011

Good Bye Summer I; Last Weekend at the Pool

Labor Day Weekend is the end of summer- and I make no excuses for my hanging on to the  last, wonderful, warm days.  I'll be at the pool, soaking the last of the summer sun into my bones, trying to get excited about the changing season. 

As I have plowed back and forth in the lap pool in the sunshine this season, I've daydreamed about aquamarine waters, diamond water splashes, and onyx lane marker tiles.  Both of these swimming pool inspired jewels are available from for when you want to dive into the deep end, but the winter wind says, "No."    

David Webb- 80 carats of aquamarines, 3 carats diamonds, enamel, and gold

40 carat aquamarine, diamonds, sapphires, gold


Anonymous said...

Love Aquamarines! Mona

Anonymous said...
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oxinsocks said...

Especially when they are big and clear enough that you could swin in 'em!