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14 September, 2011

"And Who Are You?" "Please, sir, I hardly know."

When Alice meets the caterpillar, she is so confused that she cannot answer the question, "Who are you?"  But who could give a straight answer if questioned by the world's largest, stoned caterpillar?

Perhaps the Alice in Wonderland bracelet by 2 Roses would have helped her keep her balance.  

Polymer clay and wood at
Perhaps not; the bracelet resembles Alice mental state after hanging around the hooka, not before she fell down the rabbit hole.

Lewis Carrol was a freakin' genius.   


Anonymous said...

Ooooohh! Love it! Mona

oxinsocks said...

Isn't it so much fun! You should get it- it is remarkably reasonable, and you would feel great every time you wore it.