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08 September, 2011

Other Posts of Interest

Things y'all may think are interesting:

The vivacious Tina Tang is giving away of two of her sterling necklaces.  Take a look and sign up at

The talented and insightful Lori Ettlinger Gross at has book recommendations and another ethical jewelry site.  Eons ago, I said I would post on the subject, but she beat me to it- and wrote her post very well.  Anyone with an interest in the subject should check out her site's posts and recommendations.

Lastly, from The Sartorialist,, a number of wonderful, end of summer beach fashion shots and this photo of over the top earrings. 

Wait- that may be a necklace; I love it.  The energy, the movement, the childlike colors with the very adult chaotic concertina wire references- fantastic.  I couldn't wear the Mousetrap Mouse, but the bigger piece/pieces are fabulous!


Tina Tang said...

Thank you for the love! xo, ,Tina

oxinsocks said...

All the best- keep up the good jewelry!