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16 November, 2011

BV, This Is BS

Bogetta Veneta's website calls these earrings "Champagne Zircon Silver Miniature Earrings."   The more detailed description admits that the earrings are made of silver, a photo, and CUBIC ZIRCONIA (CZ).  This is crap.  

Most people don't know that zircon and CZ are totally different- zircon being a pricey natural gemstone and CZ being a man made diamond simulant that costs less than $5 a carat.  

Jewelers and artists struggle with consumer distrust and ignorance every day.  In this instance, BV compounds the problem by presenting its wares improperly because it is so well known and trusted.  Tricks like this rightly put smaller jewelers out of business.  BV's small-print disclosure that the stones are CZ keeps it from fraudulent claims, but BV failed to meet its obligation as a jeweler to present its jewelry honestly.  The claim that perhaps the copy editor did not know there was a difference between zircon and CZ is not excusable.  BV's responsibility to its customers extends to hiring people who understand the trade well enough to truthfully represent their jewels. 


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