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03 November, 2011

Day of the Dead- a little late

Sorry that this post is late, but I have to acknowledge The Day of the Dead, also known as All Souls Day.  Jewelry and the dead go waaaay back- in just about any way that you can imagine.  To truly celebrate the dead you need some gorgeous momento mori jewels, because momento mori jewels actually celebrate life. 

Codognato skull necklace made of gold, diamonds, and chalcedony skulls (but one of them looks like amethyst and another like citrine)....death, life, skulls, leaves...gorgeous.
[Can anyone remind me who recently made a necklace that is reminiscent of this one- it was part of someone's Spring 2012 collection (I think) and had multiple strands of neon colored, primitive skulls?  I thought it was Dannijo, but now I can't find it anywhere.  If anyone knows the one for which I am looking, zap me a note.] 

This bracelet is perfect for The Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, or any time that you need reminding to party like a rock star today because this life is all too short.  Also on
Silver, turquoise, and Bakelite cuff- amazing.  Pay no attention to the photographer reflected in the skull's forehead.


WendyB said...

Good picks!

oxinsocks said...

Thank you- your momento mori necklace would be great here too. BTW, I wore your crystal and diamond crysanthemum necklace this weekend. I always have a good time when I wear it!