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09 November, 2011

For the Holidays

What an idea, straight out of science fiction!  The Novero Blue Tooth necklace made of silver and lapis lazuli!

The handcrafted necklace hides a Blue Tooth device.  Simply decouple the ear bud and talk away- you can look stylishly crazy as you talk animatedly to people who are not present. 

For those more interested in the tech side than the jewelry aspect, it works with Bluetooth-enabled devices, filters background noise and has echo cancelling using DPS technology, enters pairing mode when switched on, has a talk time of up to four hours (so lots of people can think you are a well accessorized crazy person), has a stand by time of more than 100 hours, charges via micro-USB interface, and has Bluetooth core 2.1. 

There is another version if you want to be less dressy.  

This one is silicone and acrylic so it is substantially more budget conscious, but much more casual.  It is arguably more stylish.  Both are available at Saks Fifth Avenue.   

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