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23 November, 2011

More Underwear and Jewelry

I couldn't do a jewelry and underwear post for A5 without immediately being reminded of the 10 November Victoria's Secret fashion show.  The outfits the models were were definitely costume, and the jewelry likewise, but it was so much fun! 
Is the 2.5 million dollar bra, in diamonds, pearls, aquamarines, sapphires, et al jewelry?  Sure- why not?
Loved this look- the long necklaces that were actually clips and a choker.  Loving the "jet" and "cameos."  The Victorians, with all of their kinks and oddities, would have approved.  
There are so many great jewelry moments in that show!  There is jeweled armor, tons of bracelets and pop art with the Pink collection, and old fashioned gorgeous statement pieces for angels and brides.  Jewelry fiends should watch the show on 29 November on CBS...a number of the jewelry extravagances here will probably reappear on the next season's catwalks.  

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