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02 October, 2012

$500 Splurge Continues- On Trend, On Etsy

For those who want to spend their $500 on-trend, rutilated quartz is big.  Designers like Nak Armstrong and Cathy Waterman are using rutilated quartz, with its lovely golden inclusions, as dramatic precious stones.  These hand made earrings by Marya Williams have rutilated quartz, sterling silver, and 14kt gold in an original design.  With fashion-forward stones and styling, these sparkling earrings are trendsetters and timeless, appropriate for casual or more formal wear.    
Psst- and they will leave over $150 in the jewelry kitty for the next big splurge! (If you don't have a jewelry kitty- piggy bank- whatever animal works for you- it's a good idea to start one.  That way you feel less guilt when you surrender to temptation...and you can give in more often.)       


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