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12 October, 2012

Black Friday

The blogiverse is a-twitter critiquing Jennifer Aniston's new engagement ring, seen in this  blurry photo.  It's too big; it's too gaudy; it's too whatever...Who died and made these people Goldilocks?  Opinions are like bellybuttons.  Everyone has one, and a lot of them should not be on display.   
Yup, a gazillion carats- an idol somewhere is missing an eye! From People

Repeat after me...All brides are beautiful.  All babies are beautiful.  All engagement rings are beautiful.  That is, unless they look like this...
Black Cat Ring by Abrakadabra,
Good manners would require positively responding to this ring too, "In Britain, black cats are good luck!" or, "He knows he likes your kitties."  Have the, "Are you sure he's the one?" conversation later.  (For fun, post what you would say to a friend who received this statement piece as her engagement ring.)
Diamonds are great, and are best from someone you love who loves you back.  Ms. Aniston received a monstrously huge ring that she seems to like from a guy she loves.  Even funky kitty rings are good from someone you love who loves you back.  Embrace the gesture and move on!


Anonymous said...

While I love cats, I don't think I could wear one on my finger! Mona

Jewelrywhore said...

Well, I think I'd def prefer Jenifer's ring to the kitty one. Although I have a black cat and black cats rule! :)

oxinsocks said...

Cats, in general, rule- just ask them!