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08 October, 2012

How to Stretch Your $500 Part I

The $500 splurge posts reminded me that jewelry costs money, and good jewelry costs a lot of it.  What's an addict to do?  These twelve steps don't meet the spirit of a twelve step program- but hopefully they'll enable fellow addicts to meet their jewelry needs more responsibly and often. 

1.  Buy American- Native American.  Native American jewelry continues to be one of the least expensive, best quality, hand made, historical, signed by the artist, jaw dropping jewelry out there.  Newer jewelry may have highly treated turquoise in it, but for statement jewelry there is nothing like it.  Buy from a reputable dealer (or the artist) and be amazed at what your money can do! 
2.  Go classic. Most women need a selection of gold necklaces of different lengths, a good pearl necklace and set of earrings, a set of diamond studs, hoops of whatever size flatters them, and a few sets of studs that express personality.  You will never lack something to wear at any age with those items.  Tthese items in good quality can be found at reasonable prices and on sale. has these from companies with solid reputations. 
3.  Go advant garde/ contemporary.  Contemporary jewelry can be expensive and confusing.  However, for every crocheted penis that costs $1,000, there are fun, exciting, original pieces for much less in every medium imaginable.  After I saw John Cogswell's work in a book, I called him and gushed like the fan girl I am.  While I was willing to pay ANYTHING for one of his forged neck pieces, it was ridiculously within my price range.  So he made one that was measured for and fits my neck.  By a silver smith who has work on display in The Victoria and Albert Museum and others world-wide.  Wow.  Look through the Lark books for artists that interest you and shamelessly stalk them.  Try

Cogswell neckpiece- NOT like mine; it's like light made into a solid form.

Cogswell earrings- I did not know he makes earrings! 
More tomorrow- remember...never pay retail.

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