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05 October, 2012

$500 Splurge...Weekend at Barneys

While window shopping at certain places is fun, sometimes it's even more fun to open the door and buy- those designer names, the cache of the rich and famous, the chance to negligently drawl, "This old thing..?"  $500 not only gets you in the door but gives you options! 

Today we're splurging at

Jennifer Meyer gold and sapphire ring

Judy Geib silver and gold earrings
Erickson Beamon jade necklace

Monique Pean horn and gold bracelet

If you crave a famous blue box, Tiffany's has many beautiful $500 items.  Which Elsa Peretti necklace would madam prefer?  The blue and gold one, merci! 

Elsa Peretti Color By the Yard necklace in lapis and gold

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Anonymous said...

Love the jade necklace! Mona