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12 September, 2012

Back to the Obvious

Most harnesses and body chains lack subtlety and style- they are oversexed and tacky.  

However, Cornelia Webb's harness of silver and pearls, seriously accentuates the sweep of the back and the shoulders.  Completely appropriate for public wear, it scandalously hints rather than screams.

Cornelia Webb
Ware's beautiful jewelry slyly approximates an angel's wings; this is a harness  of necessity- the wings have to stay on somehow.  
Designs by Sonia's necklace approaches the same vibe from the opposite direction- it is NOT a harness.  Don't go there.  Seriously- get your mind out of the gutter.

Designs by Sonia

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Anonymous said...

Love to see the site back up! Though I don't think I can do the back jewelry thing. :) Mona