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18 September, 2012

Shout Out!

Yesterday, a young woman at the grocery store was wearing a Heart of the Ocean necklace with jeans and a graphic t-shirt.  The crystals flashed a zillion rainbows, and it was a jawdroppingly beautiful piece of flash.  She obviously loved her necklace, and she ROCKED it.  I'd have taken her picture, but she was a little shy of the stranger (me) who stopped to tell her she was doing it right!  Her happiness and sparkle made her look better than Kate Winslet.     

Kate Winslet in Titanic
BTW- the Heart of the Ocean is a fictional stone made up for the movie.  After the movie, Asprey and Garrard made a saphire and diamond version, and Harry Winston made a Heart of the Ocean with a blue diamond unlike the movie's necklace.  Ms. Gloria Stuart, who played the older Rose in Titanic, wore it to the Oscars when she was nominated for best supporting actress.

Gloria Stuart wearing Harry Winston's Heart of the Ocean with a blue diamond.

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