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17 September, 2012

Lost Summer

Gentle Reader, thank you for your continued patience.  This has been a busy, transitional summer. My eldest prepared for and went to university at Virginia Tech.  My youngest went to summer camp, adapted to being an only child, and began junior high.  My wonderful man had unexpectedly dramatic minor surgery that shut down a month.  We have not been to the beach.  We have not been to the pool.  We've sailed and kayaked locally because we have not left the area except to prepare for college and go to the mountains over one weekend.  I've swivelled my attention from my job to retiring; the process is more like dealing with a cancer than ripping off a band aid.  I'm in the resume, job hunting process and started my final Graduate Gemology class.  This summer was lost...but I am finding myself laughing again.  It promises to be an exciting fall!

In honor of this transitional season, I offer summer/fall transitional colors.  I've just discovered Iradj Moini, and my inner magpie is blown away.  His motto seems to be "Go Big or Go Home."  I'm in love.

Aquamarine, moonstone, and citrine

Citrine, emerald, and turquoise since more is more.
That slurping sound is me drooling; I'm dehydrating. 

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