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10 September, 2012

Looking Back ...Looking Forward

The back bejeweled is subversively erotic.  Nothing is censorious.  Skin and muscles offset metal and stone, inviting sensory exploration.  Naked skin is not necessary; a clothed, bejeweled back decorates and calls attention to a normally unnoticed portion of the body, like being let in on a secret.   

This week celebrates the decorated back, from juxtaposing backs for fronts to sell jewelry to "conventional" back jewelry, like harnesses or vertebrae, to those pieces that rethink the back's space with brooches or necklaces to leave an  impression going as well as coming. 

Today it is about the back standing in for the front...


Africa Rich

Dreams of Norway
Kitten Hawk


Michelle Oh
Pipe Dreams

Rene Walrus


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