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19 September, 2012

What Would You Buy For $500?

InStyle, my favorite fashion magazine, polled its readers, the majority of whom said that said that, if they were to suddenly have $500 for jewelry, they would spend it on a major item instead of a bunch of cheaper trinkets.  That got me thinking- what can $500 buy?  Stay tuned for the answers...and if you have any suggestions, post them, and let's all take a look!

The first item is...Ylang23 has a limited edition charm by Todd Reed for $480.  Made of 18 karat gold, sterling silver, and three tiny, rough diamonds, it measures little more than a half an inch across- perfect for a dainty necklace or a charm bracelet.  It is the least expensive Todd Reed piece you will ever see, and the proceeds for its sale go to charity, celebrating Ylang23's 25 year anniversary. 

Ylang23 Todd Reed charm

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