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09 May, 2011

A 10 Carat Dilemma

Graff diamond rings:  Fancy vivid emerald cut ring, diamond total of 9.13 carats; flawless fancy vivid cut blue pearshaped diamond ring, diamond total of 10.64 carats; fancy intense purplish pink octagon cut diamond ring, diamond total of 6.43 carats; the total carat number takes into account the primary stone and other diamonds on the ring as well.

I met a woman whose brother asked her to find a 10 carat diamond for his fianc√©’s engagement ring.  The task perplexed and frightened her.  How could she find a diamond that size?  How much should one cost and how much was too much?  How would she know if she was getting a good deal?  How was she to know if what she was buying was even a diamond?  Whom could she trust?   She loved her brother very much and wanted to repay him for many kindnesses he did for her, which added to her stress. 
Her brother insisted that the diamond should be 10 carats, but I’m not sure he knew how big a 10 carat diamond was.  Should any of you find yourself in a similar situation, a 10 carat diamond is BIG!  Its size makes it difficult to wear on a regular basis and necessitates security measures.  When purchasing a diamond, size should be the least important factor.  Purchase a beautiful diamond that suits the hand that will wear it.  There are 10 carat diamonds that look like charcoal briquettes, but would you buy one? 
My recommendations:  unless you are a diamond expert, do not purchase a 10 carat diamond on your own.  Get an expert to assist you- and lock down how much you are willing to spend so that the expert knows what to find for you.  A $60,000 diamond is very different from a $1.5 million diamond.  He or she will pull diamonds together from around the world for your viewing, so shop in good faith.  But also go to Harry Winston and Graff and see and touch the best.  That would develop your eye, helping you when you chose from what was available in your price range.  
Then send me a note about it.  Looking at 10 carat diamonds at Harry Winston or Graff would be on my bucket list if there was a snowball's chance in hell of it happening.  However, I'll gladly live it vicariously if you will share.     

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