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18 May, 2011

This Style Must End

Jewelry addicts everywhere- it is time to stand up for yourselves!  Reject necklaces that look like they were carelessly tangled with other jewelry at the bottom of a jewelry box and worn anyway.  

Bramley Necklace by DANNIJO at

Eternal Sterling Silver Coral Necklace by A Kind of Fine, sold on

Paladin Beaded Collar Necklace by Assad Mounser at
Your statement necklace should not claim, "I am a hot mess."  This fad has gone on too long.  You deserve better. 


Anonymous said...


I'm enjoying reading your posts. We met a few weeks ago in Rosslyn and I'm glad I finally made it to your site.

I am ambivalent about the reject necklaces. Some of them look okay on some women, but I think that for the most part they are poorly constructed. The discerning eye is not distracted (though its retina may be burned) by cheap clutter. We've seen the ragtag popularized before, but it is rarely done well. It is wise to take a stand - with the rising prices of gold and silver, we are likely to continue to see the focus on costume jewelry, and it, like many things, is going downhill. I've seen reject neclaces that had plastic gems ( when glass, for a little more, would have been much nicer). For me, it was one of those "nice idea, poor execution" moments.

Thanks for the information about the VCA exhibit at Cooper Hewitt. Hopefully the exhibit is still open, and I can get to see it. With so many buses going to New York from DC daily, there's no excuse not to see this exhibit.

Keep crusading for quality!



oxinsocks said...

Hi Alison- thanks for the note. Amen to all of what you said- if we buy crap, the market will respond by producing more crap. Better to save or be an educated shopper and get quality.

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