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02 May, 2011

Jump Fast- Still For Sale!

If you were lusting after the 10 carat fancy vivid purplish-pink stone at the Christie's auction on 12 April 2011 (previously shown on this blog on 10 April 2011), you will be heartened to learn that it is still available!  Yep- scrounge out the change from beneath the car's floorboards and from under the sofa cushions because it is still for sale.  Neither of the two bids for it reached the owner's minimum price.  But bids continue, so if you are suffering non-buyer's remorse, you should quickly get on the phone and make your offer.  Good luck!

P.S.  Be prepared to offer more than $1 million per carat...I'm just sayin'...maybe you should check for change in the bottom of the washer and dryer too.

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