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03 May, 2011

Royal Wedding Jewelry

Ahhhh..the royal wedding.  The new princess' jewelry choices for the big day were spot on.  She showed bridal beauty, elegance, and appropriate restraint.  Her jewels showed the world that while she was a Middleton, she is a Windsor now.  A wedding is not an end unto itself- it is the opening pages of a long story of a union of two people and of two familes.     

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The princess' tiara was borrowed from her new mother-in-law.  Not only did it obviously acknowledge The Queen, and clearly indicate Ms. Kate Middleton's new social class, but it also referenced the beloved Queen Mum, who owned and wore it until she gave it to her daughter, Elizabeth.  The princess wore earring her parents made for her that included acorns and oak leaves from the Middleton family crest, newly created in response to a Middleton daughter marrying royalty.  The crest's three acorns represent the three Middleton children and invoke the oak tree as a symbol of west Berkshire, where the Middletons live.  Acorns also symbolize strength, endurance, long life, and potential, all of which are appropriate bridal symbols.  The wedding ring, a band made from a Welsh gold nugget The Queen gave to Prince William, is a one of a kind made by Wartski.  

Both of them are probably relieved that the wedding craziness is over.  Good luck and happy trails to them both!  

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