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04 May, 2011

Thoughts on Harry Winston

Harry Winston rocks...using "rocks" as a verb, not as a noun described by "Harry Winston."  If you want a classic, perfect stone, Harry Winston delivers exquisite, perfectly cut, perfectly clear diamonds every time.  Their diamonds are noticibly better than almost any other stones in the world, and their prices reflect that excellent quality and the brand recognition of "Harry Winston."   

However, their latest collection, "Lily Cluster," disappoints.  While every piece masterfully uses small diamonds, the collection is not fresh, relevant, or breathtaking- which is what Harry Winston supposedly to delivers.  

Lily Cluster, Diamond Pendant
46 round brilliant and marquise diamonds, total weight 0.63 carats; platinum setting.

Lily Cluster, Diamond Drop Earrings
86 round brilliant diamonds, total weight 1.26 carats; platinum setting.
The pieces look blah- you can buy something like them at the mall.  To make the point, here is what the name "Harry Winston" promises: 

"Tattoo", Tattoo Heart and Dagger Brooch146 baguette, round brilliant, marquise, and pear-shaped diamonds, 10.82 total carats; cabochon sapphire, 0.39 carats; platinum setting.

Iconic Wreath Necklace
180 round brilliant, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, 150.24 total carats; platinum setting.
That's what I'm talkin' about! 

But Harry has competition; Graff's diamonds are equal or better, and Graff does a better job with colored diamonds.  Too much white is dull.   

BA-ZOWIE!!!!!!  Graff necklace of more carats than I can count.
But I would not refuse diamonds from either Harry or Graff.  What do you think of the new Harry Winston collection?  Do you prefer Harry Winston or Graff?  Perhaps that last question is a false dilemma..? 

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