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06 July, 2011

Hapa Girls Make Me Happy!

The Hapa Girls have great floral treats.  Treats they are, carved and forged from silver and copper.  The website only shows new silver and pink jewelry; do these turn black and green as they oxidize?  That would be lovely too.
Three cherry blossom bangles, silver and copper
I've loved cherry blossoms since I lived in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and cherry blossoms are one of the splendid things about living near Washington DC. Even six million tourists cannot blunt the beauty of six million blossoms scattering in the wind. Every woman's jewelry box should have cherry blossom jewelry for spring.
Carved silver lotus blossom
Lotuses are symmetrically wonderful.  It's hard to mess up a lotus; they are beautiful and retain an exotic allure.  Mass produced lotus jewelry is everywhere, but that's because its pretty!  Lotus jewels won't enlighten you, but the Hapa Girls' lotus jewel won't lighten your wallet much either.    They have some sweet heart stud earrings too...

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