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07 July, 2011

Jewels In The News- Foreign Policy Magazine

Talk about blood diamonds!

Morning Brief: Pakistani nuclear chief says North Korea bribed officers for technology

Posted By David Kenner

Top story: Abdul Qadeer Khan, the founder of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, released documents that he said proves that North Korean officials paid millions of dollars to top members of the Pakistani military establishment in exchange for nuclear technology.
One of the documents provided by Khan included a North Korean letter dated July 15, 1998, which reported that $3 million had been paid to Jehangir Karamat, then the chief of staff of the Pakistani army. The letter also stated that $500,000, as well as three "diamond and ruby sets," had been paid to Lt. Gen. Zulfiqar Khan. Both officials denounced the letter as a fake.

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Only $500,000 dollars and three diamond and ruby sets?  Those had better be some fired up diamond and ruby sets (VC&A? Cartier? Chopard? Tiffany?).  Since they're from North Korea, they are probably synthetics and CZ.  I hope so! 

Who knew you could sell out the world for so little?


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