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21 July, 2011

Something Beautiful

Yesterday's post provoked more conversation and thought than any other jewelry about which I have posted.  Wearing different forms of dead animals forced questions about why do you wear jewelry and how do you want to feel when you wear jewelry?  I am really curious about your answers.  Fearless readers, please let me hear from you. 

I am not sure about you guys, but I'm still grossed out from yesterday's post- and feel bad that I may have passed that feeling on to you.  That's not how I want you to feel and especially not how I want this blog to make you feel.  In apology, let me offer you something beautiful from The Three Graces,
My blood pressure goes down simply looking at it.  Here is this lovely thing's description:  
“Magnificent rings have a certain air about them but truly exceptional ones can leave us breathless. From stem to stern this 20th century specimen fits that definition. The shining star of this creation is an outstanding diamond of six sides. Although visually most would perceive five sides, in actuality there are facets in the middle top with a slight angle from the center point which creates a six-sided gem. Approximately 1.15 carats (K-L color; VS1-VS2 clarity) and almost a portrait diamond, it has a large planar top and a minimalist yet glittering facet structure setting it apart from its brethren.
A surround of nineteen (19) French cut and shaped natural sapphires perfectly accents the central diamond both in configuration and with contrasting color. An additional estimated .85 carats of thirty-five (35) transitional and hand cut single diamonds adds just a touch more to the rapturous beauty. Superb attention to details includes delicate mille grain decoration and fine azuring.”


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